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Rank Like a Pro on Google My Business

Hey Google, where is the closest Mexican restaurant?

These days when the taco cravings kick in unexpectedly, it is as easy as asking the question (voice search) or a quick online search using Google – instant gratification! Over 80% of all customers who do a local search on their phones visit that business on the same day. So, if you have the best salsa in town, wouldn’t you want everyone to know?

It has never been more important to have an optimised Google My Business listing. Even more important, is that you keep it consistently active. In a competitive world knowing how to get your listing optimised can be time consuming, but understanding Local SEO and the benefits of Google My Business will get you leaps and bounds ahead


Here are our top 3 ways to rank like a pro.


> Relevance

Relevance determines the best match for a user’s search. In the complex world of Google Algorithms and structure Google does its upmost to meet and match user intent. If I want to find my closest laundromat, Google delivers. Here is how to get your listing set up right from the get-go:

• Add some images
• Choose the correct business category.
• Include target words in your description.
• Pop your marker on Google Maps – make it official!
• Fill in all information such as opening hours, address, contact details and email.

> Prominence

Google measures the prominence of a business based on several factors:

• Search Engine ranking
• Domain authority
• Link building
• Google Reviews
• Visibility on social platforms

So, in essence, the more popular you are the better. A comprehensive SEO strategy adds another edge to your prominence in the marketplace.

> Distance

Distance determines how far away the location is from the user. Distance is a key ranking factor where Google values four primary elements:

• Name
• Address
• Phone number
• Website URL

How successful you are in ranking for distance will depend on the consistency of your digital footprint. Our advice is to keep your information up to date on all platforms – Facebook, Instagram, your website and of course Google My Business.

Boost your digital presence

With over 3.5 billion Google searches carried out every single day, Google My Business is an important feature, and tool, for any business to have. Remember, there is always somebody else who is claiming to have the best salsa in town, if you want to be found, it is time to get your listing optimised and working for you.

Flabbergast will put you on the map!

Genie O’Dowd

Director, Storyteller

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Genie is a passionate writer, soon to be author, and one of the cogs that keep the machine turning here at Flabbergast.

Hailing from Ireland, she opted for a backpack and round the world ticket in 2010 and managed to stumble across Melbourne on her adventures. She loves to create funny, upbeat content that brings the story of any brand to life before your very eyes. When she is not busy finding new and interesting ways to inject a little WOW into content, she can be found fan-girling on Brené Brown or spoiling her two dogs!

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