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    Hear it from our clients

    ” I think as a whole this is awesome. Thank you so much. I feel like we have finally found a copywriter that can really speak about our company in the tone of voice and language we like “

    - Deniz,
    Varcon Group

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you work with small and large companies?

      Yes, we do. We have worked with start-ups from the ground up, businesses born and thriving from our clients lounge rooms, serial entrepreneurs, multi-brand businesses and international companies. We deliver big results without the hefty agency price tag. Our team become your team, no matter how big or small your business or dream is.

    • Why should I choose Flabbergast?

      With Flabbergast you get access to a team of hardworking, committed, energetic Melburnians who are dedicated to your success. We know you do not know us yet but you can hear it straight from our clients. When we say we are here to WOW, we mean it.

    • How do Flabbergast report the results?

      We provide frequent and accurate reporting on the status of all your marketing campaigns whether Google Ads, social media management, SEO, Google Analytics and insights from email marketing campaigns. We also offer our clients the opportunity to invest in a bi-annual or annual digital overview which provides a complete deep data insight into every marketing channel you are using.

    • How much will it cost?

      We offer packages for Brand Discovery, Digital Analysis, SEO, AdWords and Social Media Management. For our other services we provide a thorough process to scope out your needs so we can provide you with an accurate quote to suit your needs and budget.

    • What is Digital Marketing?

      Digital Marketing is the use of digital platforms (website, apps, Google Ads, email marketing, social media etc) to grow your business and reach your target audience. Our team is made up of several members who specialise in one or multiple areas of digital marketing.

    • How do I find the right Digital Marketing Agency for my business?

      It might seem like a minefield, but the right agency is the one who jumps on in and takes action – working alongside you as your marketing powerhouse team. We value commitment, transparency and hardwork – because that’s want makes the WOW happen.

    • Does Flabbergast have experience in my industry?

      Chances are YES! Here are some of the industries where our team have made a real impact: Manufacturing, Real Estate, Beauty, Skincare, Construction, Trades, Hospitality, Breweries and Wineries, eCommerce, Retail, Fashion, Events, Sport, Caravan Industry, Spa and Wellness, Health and Nutrition.

    • How do I get started?

      Simple! Call us on 0414 041 800 Or email us on wow@flabbergast.com.au You can also cruise on back up to the contact form and pop in your details and we will be in touch soon!