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Unforgettable Branding

Harness the power of consumer psychology

The key to great branding is creating a brand that is memorable. One that consistently reminds customers what they simply cannot live without you. We are not just talking about luxury cars and sportswear; this applies to all businesses, whether you sell coffee or caviar.

In a competitive marketplace people don’t not remember every single brand they see online, on tv or in stores. That’s where the power of great branding and marketing comes in.

Brand Positioning

Launch your business with confidence

Branding is more than just a logo and. Building a successful brand that speaks to your target audience is the foundation for success.

You don’t just want customers who use your services or purchase form you once — you want customers who come back time and time again.

A Flabbergast Brand Discovery includes;

  • Brand Identity
  • Target Market Research
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Language
  • Brand Positioning
  • Client Persona creation

Drive your business further with key insights and strategic branding.


Our Clients.

Sth Drop

Cafe Branding

Bring our team onboard from the beginning to craft your brand from scratch.

Trawool Shed

New business

Launch with confidence and a look that fits your brand perfectly.

Our team create logos, understand consumer psychology and the power of visual presence and are expert storytellers, giving your brand the edge it deserves.

Yonder Caravans

Adventure calls

Yonder is one of the most stand-out brands on the Australian market, working closely with the Flabbergast team on their brand identity, brand story and marketing strategy.

Brand Discovery


Splash of colour, choosing shapes, finding the right textures and materials – no this is not interior design. This is great visual branding.


Language defines a brand, everything from tone of voice to taglines, your absolute must haves and phrases that will never see the light of day.



Buyer personas help to build effective marketing strategies Discover your client personas so your marketing never falls on deaf ears.

Let's Get Intimate

If you don’t know who you are and where you want to go, how can we? We prefer to get up close and intimate from day one so our team can create the best brand and marketing strategy for today, tomorrow, and well into the future.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Branding?

    Branding is more than logo creation. It is the process of creating consistency across all mediums and channels and involves logo design, defining the brand language and tone of voice, brand guidelines, market positioning, typography and colour palette selection.

  • Why is Branding so important?

    Branding is essential for longevity. It helps to nurture and grow customer loyalty. It makes your business more recognisable and defines the unique characteristics of your business.

  • What's included in your Brand Discovery Packages?

    Our Discovery Packages include all of the essentials for a strong brand foundation and long-term growth. Our packages include:

    Defining Brand Language

    Visual Identity Creation

    Tone of Voice

    Client Persona Mapping

    Brand Positioning

    Market and Competitor Research


    Mission, Value and Purpose Building


  • What will professional Branding do for my business?

    Branding builds trust, makes you memorable and sets you apart from your competitors. Branding impacts how people perceive your brand, drives new business when done correctly, and increases brand value.

Our Experience

Before the wow

We love working with passionate craftspeople and Sebastian is exactly that. Sebastian and his brother run a successful, bespoke shoe making company in Melbourne. They approached us to bring their craft to life with a classically styled WordPress website that brought out the authenticity of their business.

The Results

Sebastian was blown away by the results. Our website design and development team worked very hard to ensure we captured the essence of what makes Cano Brothers Boot & Shoe Makers a truly unique and special business.

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Before the wow

MY BOOK CLUB is a really exciting Melbourne start-up launched mid 2021 with the goal of supporting its members to READ, LEARN, DEVELOP through the art of reading. Flabbergast was brought on board to support the client with a range of marketing services including website development, branding and graphic design

The results

MY BOOK CLUB has successfully launched with clear brand direction, content strategies and visual identity – all the essential components that set any business up for success.

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Before the wow

Fulljoy are a successful international corporation who approached our team to help them launch their products into the Australian and New Zealand market. Their niche is health and wellness with a particular focus on probiotics and immune support for children. We began with their brand discovery and guidelines and a social media strategy for Facebook and Instagram.

The results

Early 2021 Fulljoy celebrated a successful launch into the Australian market including acquiring several specialty stores and pharmacies, including Priceline. Flabbergast will continue to work with the Fulljoy team in Melbourne, overseeing their targeted approach to their marketing including bespoke content creation, professional videography, market research and social media management.

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Before the wow

The Spa Blends is a very successful start-up ran by Melbourne entrepreneur Zainab Osama. Zainab partnered with Flabbergast from the beginning to create a marketing plan for the launch of her business. We successfully created a stunning website on Shopify, launched the brand on Facebook and Instagram and set up her Facebook and Instagram shop to ensure her target market had quick and easy access to her entire product range.

The results

After an exciting build up to the launch of her website and a content strategy to compliment this on social media, The Spa Blends received their first 3 orders within 15 minutes of launching. We continue to work with Zainab, managing her website and social media platforms.

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Before the wow

No 9 The Attire is a dress-hire business and café in Caroline Springs who came to Flabbergast to help them to create their brand identity, Shopify website and social media strategy on Facebook and Instagram that would ensure a successful business launch that reached their target audience.

The results

We began with brand discovery for No 9 so we could define who the business is and who their target market is. Through this process we developed the brands’ visual identity, brand language, brand guidelines as well as key details such as target audience and persona giving our client a complete overview of their business goals and how we would achieve them.

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Before the wow

En Face is a Melbourne based cosmeceutical skincare brand. When Kim from En Face approached Flabbergast, she was looking for an approachable and creative team who she could collaborate with to take her business to the next level. We began with a strategy for social media and the redevelopment of her Shopify website – all with a view to redirecting her marketing to reach her target audience.

The results

The En Face website was redesigned with a focus on improving user experience and customer journey so we could deliver a platform to generate more leads and conversions. En Face has grown a loyal audience across all platforms, and we are now in a position to scale the growth of the brand with a structured content and remarketing strategy.

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Before the wow

Attard Automotive approached Flabbergast for expert advice on their existing WordPress website. The website was not mobile optimised and lacked content, ranking on the ninth or tenth page in most keyword searches related to their industry.

We advised the team at Attard Automotive that a new website would present a great opportunity for an enhanced user experience, ensure the website is SEO optimised and ultimately be designed to engage and covert more clients.

The results

Since launching website traffic has increased with an average of 200 news user per month compared to the previous year. Attard Automotive have never been busier and are now investing time in further exploring their brand strategy, market research and SEO with our team.

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Before the wow

Hypersonic Industries are a leading B2B Australian manufacturer of steel framed beds supplying some of the biggest retailers and commercial businesses across the country. We began working with the team at Hypersonic with the goal of rethinking their marketing approach for their retail market.

The results

Through a combined strategy involving graphic design, WordPress website development and email marketing we have succeeded in creating a fresh, modern brand identity for the retail arm of Hypersonic Industries combining contemporary digital assets such as QR codes and automated email sequences to grow engagement and new leads for the business.

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Our Experience

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