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The Power of Persuasion

Copywriting is a pick and mix of sweet little quirks and tricks that turn marketing strategies into sales churning machines. You can’t throw together a bunch of random words and expect results. Copywriting is a craft, much like pottery. When you know the techniques, you create something amazing.

Learning to write powerful website copy is essential. Triggering emotion, leveraging consumer behaviour, and increasing sales all rely on two key ingredients – a pinch of persuasion and a splash of seduction.

When your ideal customer lands on your website, it is important that you capture them instantly. People are too busy to absorb pages and pages of content. We skim, scan, and separate the good, the bad and the ugly before we finally find the business that we are going to invest our dollars in.

That is why it has never been more important to create customer centric copywriting that is relatable, entertaining and to the point.


The smarter way to do copywriting

There are lots of tips for writing better website content, here are our top five.

Write compelling headlines

Create powerful, persuasive headlines that are easy to understand. Your header is not the place to be abstract or flex your expertise. This is what will either draw your customer in or send them on a click frenzy anywhere else but your website.

Be human

Remember who you are talking to – real people. You should use words and phrases you would use in everyday conversation and write in a very similar way to the way you speak. Don’t leave your personality at the door, this is what people will relate to the most.

Focus on benefits, not features

Tell your customers EXACTLY how your product or service will remove their pain, frustrations and ultimately help them. If we want to read mind-numbing information and features that is what the cereal box is for! When it comes to writing good copy, you want to emphasize benefits first.

Avoid Jargon

You might feel tempted to show off your expert knowledge of the law, chemical engineering or even the art of making the perfect latte but avoid using jargon. Stick to using language that everyone understands – your bank balance will thank you for it.

Tell a story

You don’t need to be Hemmingway to be able to tell a good story. Storytelling draws your reader in and is one of the top ways to build your credibility and authority, even in website copywriting. A great story is memorable and a fundamental human experience that enables you to create deeper relationships with your audience.

The end

So, there you have it, 5 proven ways to dial up the impact of your copywriting and turn even the most unexciting of brands into something worth talking about. Learning how to influence potential consumers through persuasive copywriting is essential tool to add to your marketing belt.

Great content converts every single time

Genie O’Dowd

Director, Storyteller

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Genie is a passionate writer, soon to be author, and one of the cogs that keep the machine turning here at Flabbergast.

Hailing from Ireland, she opted for a backpack and round the world ticket in 2010 and managed to stumble across Melbourne on her adventures. She loves to create funny, upbeat content that brings the story of any brand to life before your very eyes. When she is not busy finding new and interesting ways to inject a little WOW into content, she can be found fan-girling on Brené Brown or spoiling her two dogs!

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