It can be tempting to just jump in and get going on socials, and that’s ok…….to a degree.

Over-thinking it holds so many people back so I am all for taking action and making great things happen on socials but there are still a few essential things to avoid and other things to ABSOLUTELY do.

Our top do’s and don’ts

I do……..

1: Test new things.

There is nothing more mundane than always doing the same things on your socials. 2023 is the year to diversify your content and approach. Try new things, be experimental, and find the things your audience engage with the most.

2: Be consistent.

Please……do not show up regularly for months and then go all ghost town on your audience. It never ends well.

3: Build relationships.

Spend quality time engaging and connecting with others.

4: Use content creation tools.

We can’t be a graphic designer, video maestro, photographer and entertainer all at the same time. Use software to your advantage (like Canva), and save your sanity and your time.

What to avoid

1: Don’t seek perfection.

Please, nobody cares if the icon is centred to the page and the correct font was chosen. Get online and be social, be imperfect and be yourself.

2: Don’t be fake.

Authenticity is what we all need to strive for. Filters off, and be real.

3: Don’t over sell.

People flock to social media for entertainment, to research and to escape boredom. Do not overly promote your business/product. Major turn-off.

4: No spam.

Avoid spammy posts, DM’s or spamming in groups.

2023 is the year of personal branding, so if you are really getting into your socials, the tips above also apply.

Did you know?

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