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For 17 years Shopify has dominated the eCommerce space and by mid 2021 over 1.5 million websites were powered by the tech giant. Shopify provides users with unmatched functionality and a friendly user experience so customers can get on with the important stuff – running a profitable business.

We love creating highly functional, stunning Shopify stores for our clients. From high-end fashion stores to purrfect pet stores, Shopify is a fantastic platform to grow any eCommerce dream.

Here are our top 10 reasons to choose Shopify.

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Top 10

1: Diverse templates.

Shopify has a wide range of templates that are both free and paid. So no matter what you are retailing, your store can be personalised and elevated so that your brand sings to your target market.

2: View Real-Time Store Activity.

Live View Shopify includes a world map that shows you all the activities that appear in your store in real-time and the location of visitors and customers so you can easily track everything. It is great for collecting data to track your business as it scales.

3: Analytics

This year Shopify continued to improve its reporting with a new update on the store session and conversion rate KPI’s in Overview analytics. It allows store owners to get an overview of key metrics for all your stores in one central place – handy!

4: Customisable Online Store

With the release of Online Store 2.0, your Shopify store will become more customisable with an easier flow for rearranging webpage content and sections. The feature will also allow shop owners to display their items with more impact by providing more product information.

5: Dropshipping

Dropshipping lets you place an order with a third-party supplier against an order placed by a customer. Oberlo is a marketplace developed by Shopify that helps independent business owners find products to sell. With Oberlo, for example, you can browse AliExpress and import the products directly to Oberlo which is connected to your Shopify store.

6: Abandoned Cart Recovery

Stop letting “almost” sales become someone else’s profit! On Shopify’s upgraded packages you can automate your abandoned cart emails so you can recover a percentage of your “almost” sales.

7: Affordable Plans

Shopify has great plans available for all budgets.

  • Shopify Basic for US$29/month – great for new businesses.
  • Shopify mid-weight store for US$79/month.
  • Advanced Shopify for US$299/month.

8: Support

Get all the answers you need with Shopify’s 24/7 support. The Shopify support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by email, live chat, and phone because they know your business doesn’t stop running either.

9: 21st Century Store Management

Download the Shopify app on your smartphone and have instant access to update your store, manage inventory, fulfil orders, and contact customers.

10: Great Website Hosting

Shopify has fantastic, reliable website hosting so you don’t need to worry about a thing. With features like unlimited bandwidth, email forwarding and level 1 security, you are in good hands.

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Get Online Faster

Shopify is a top-rated eCommerce solution that has everything you need to get moving. It is certainly a great place to start, and the best thing is, it’s suitable for businesses of any size. Our clients love Shopify because of how user-friendly it is and even those with no prior eCommerce experience find it a breeze.

Check out some of our client’s beautiful Shopify websites – The Spa Blends and En Face Skincare

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