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Black Friday is almost upon us once again. The day that global sales skyrocket every single year with deals to make your eyes water. Christmas gifts, treats for ourselves, business gifts and much more will be purchased across this entire weekend.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s more!

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Cyber Monday

Equally crucial for retailers is Cyber Monday falling on the Monday afterwards. Last year, according to the Washington Post, 174 million Americans shopped between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. ARA is forecasting Australian consumers to spend $5.4 billion over the four-day sales period, no doubt the end of the lockdowns will attribute to the demand for shopping over this weekend.

So, how do business owners make the most out of these lucrative shopping days?

1: Create hype and excitement

In the 7-10 days leading up to Black Friday start to build some hype on social media. Create teasers, pre-launch your offers, create content that sparks curiosity and give your audience something to stand up and take notice of.

2: Offer exclusive discounts

This goes without saying.

Every business will differ, and this will depend on your bottom line and profitability but a discount is what draws the crowds, en masse.

Businesses around the world will discount anywhere from 10% to a massive 70% or more (depending on your business of course)

3: Beef up your email marketing

In the lead up to Black Friday be sure to connect with your current email subscribers. Stats show that this is where the majority of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales come from. Your newsletter subscribers are already ‘warm’.

A great way to keep your subscribers engaged is to send out some teasers throughout the month of November and even include an additional discount or gift with their purchase.

For tips on email marketing with Klaviyo, read our blog here.  

4: Segment your email marketing list

Segment your email marketing list in advance and target your subscribers based on products they have purchased already. This not only personalises the experience, but it is far more effective than merely throwing discounts at everyone.

5: Product Bundles

Gift bundles, especially before Christmas, are a fantastic way to increase your revenue across this weekend.

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6: Offer free shipping

Remember physical stores will be running crazy deals this weekend too. Free shipping will encourage customers to spend more at your online store.

7: Health check your website

No point in investing time and money in preparing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday if your website is underperforming. If shoppers find your site hard to navigate, how do you expect them to get to the shopping cart? Test site speed, optimisation, and functionality to ensure all is running smoothly.

If in doubt, ask an expert.

8: Remember we buy with our eyes

It goes without saying that professional photography is a must have for any business. An unappealing or poorly optimised photo of your product will get all the wrong kind of attention and rarely, if ever, end up making it all the way to checkout.

See some of the beautiful photography we captured for our clients at The Spa Blends and En Face Skincare.

Image of The Spa Blends candleImage of charcoal facemask by En Face Skincare

9: Ensure your sale runs until Cyber Monday!

By extending your sale, you’ll be able to gain more customers and profits across this entire 4-day shopping extravaganza. Include this in all of your marketing so people know you have a 4 day mega sale happening.

10: Get Hashtag happy

Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday focused hashtags. You’ll want to include hashtags such as #blackfriday #cybermonday #sale #blackfridaysale #blackfridaydeals. This will allow you reach a wider audience of people specifically shopping for deals across these 4 days.

Get ready to see sales soar

Whether you’re a large online retailer or a start-up business, these strategies will help you get a start on prepping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Don’t wait if you want to make the most of this year’s biggest retail weekend. Start implementing them now so you are ready to reap the rewards of these two massive online shopping dates.


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